Started from 22nd November 2010, ended at 27th December 2010, ChinaMode Awards has got 11026 nominations during the nomination stage and 44245 votes in the final vote period. It’s an unique online event in China web.

We are very excited to announce the winners in 8 categories. You might be surprised as many of them you may never heard of before, but that’s the aim of ChinaMode: not only to review the China web in year 2010, but also to explore good Chinese startups and help building a healthy ecosystem for local industry.

Group buying, LBS, e-commerce, Microblogging, Mobile applications, App store, vertical social network etc, they were doing great in 2010 and they have our best wishes for 2011! Here are the winners:

1. Best Consumer-based services

Meituan – Group Buying service launched in 2010

Lashou – Group Buying service launched in 2010

Nuomi – Group Buying service operated by

BooksFly -Social books sharing service

Taotaosou – image-based search engine for e-commerce launched in March 2010, invested by Taobao (our coverage)

2. Best Social Media service

Sina Weibo –  Sina’s mircoblogging service

MTime – IMDB-like portal for movies

Tencent Weibo – Tencent’s microblogging service

Xianguo Lianbo – a RSS subscription and sharing service run by Xianguo the leading blogline-like service –  a social network for science fans

3. Best Entertaining service

RenZheCun – a popular Social game developed by isMole – online music streaming service developed by Douban.

Qiyi –  Hulu-like video site run by Baidu (our coverage)

Sanguosha – the online version of the popular table game Sanguosha.

Kugou – online music service

4. Best Service for Productivity – cloud-based file synchronization and storage service

DBank–  Online File storage service

51Qiangzuo – Online event registration service (our coverage)

Hozom –  the social phone contacts management application

3GTB – a Symbian Enhancement Software

5. Best Mobile Applications

Wandoujia – Android-based applications for phone content management

VivaMe - an e-reader application available for Android and iOS with hundreds of e-version of copyrighted magazine/books

UC Paradise – a mobile social network run by UC (our coverage)

Jiepang – the leading mobile check-in LBS service (our coverage)

MojiChina – the most popular weather forecasting application available for iPhone, Android and S60

6. Online forum focus on mobile applications

GOAPK –  a popular BBS with focus on Android applications

TgBus – a popular portal service focus on iPhone applications 

Aimi8 – an Android app store

GFan – a popular BBS with focus on Android applications

WeiPhone – a very popular BBS with focus on iOS applications and Apple’s products

7. Most popular International services




PvZ by Popcap


8. Best Startups

Xiaomi – mobile applications development company invested by Lei Jun (our coverage)

Anguanjia – security software for mobile phone

Shucang – an e-reading and e-publishing service which allows users to produce e-books in all sorts of formas and also share them with others

42Qu –  an ‘e-commerce’ platform where you can buy hours of the registered experts (consultants)

Wiyun – an all-in-one cloud service solution, currently including WiAd (mobile ads service), WiGame (mobile games) service.

Dianxin – a customized Android system incubated in Innovation Works.

Quickpai: –  a 2d code reader founded by ex-CEO and founder of (now DeNA China)

Qiumi –  a social network and portal service for football/basketball fans

Qieke – a popular LBS check-in service incubated by Shanda, the first mobile application implement Augmented Reality concept.

Jiankongbao – a system widely used in web server for server performance monitoring and reporting

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  1. Great initiative to organize Chinamode Award, it can give international visibility to popular services in China and promising start-ups!!! Looking forward to the ceremony~

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