Although Android phones only takes a small market share right now, but more and more big guys have started believing it is going to be the future in Chinese mobile market. Shanda Wireless, today announced its rmb 20 million investment fund (named Joy Development Fund) to boost Android development in China.

The fund, as it says, is open to everyone. It says that anyone who has the experience of Android development especially for the teams have done a few cases, is eligible to apply for the fund. Once both agree on the deal, Shanda will pay kinda of deposit money to developers so that they can start the project right away.

We reported that The9’s $100million fund, NetDragon’s $50million fund together with IDGVC, we also have the angel investor Lei Jun’s Xiaomi mobile application team with valuation at $200million and of course you would not forget Kaifu Lee’s Innovation Works. The competition on China mobile market in 2011 will be tough, but with so much investment money stimulating the market, It is going to be a really good thing.

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