2011 of Chinese Group Buying Market, the Year of Burning-Money

When Groupon officially steps into China, all the leading local group buying sites recently announced their marketing budge in 2011, which gave us some amazing figures: ~$200millions are planned to be burned for advertising by 5 leading group buying service in 2001.

  • Groupon.cn said that in 2011 they will  spend rmb 550millions (~$83.7millions) on the advertisement. (Who is its investor?)

  • It’s said that Lashou‘s $50millions capital, most of them will be spent on the advertisement;

  • Nuomi (RenRen’s company) said their budget is rmb 200millions (~$30.4millions);

  • It’s rmb 130millions (~$19.8millions) for Meituan and Manzuo is rmb 100millions (~$15.2millions)

It sounds like a joke, but it seems a serious one, as you can actually see more and more advertisement about Group buying on TV, outdoor display, LED screen etc. Thanks to Group buying, 2011 must be a happy year for Chinese ads market.