Sina Launched Group-Buying Aggregator Service, With Weibo Integrated

1 min read

Weituan, the Sina’s group-buying aggregator service has been launched for a week. Unlike other group-buying aggregator such as tuan800, 360tuan etc, Sina’s Weituan, with its Weibo service integrated, has many more social features bundled.

Basically on Weituan, you can easily share the good deal with your followers/other users on Sina’s weibo. So given the fact that Weibo is right now the most powerful and fast social media channel, the deal information can be therefore expected to attract more consumers. Sina even developed a credit system which encourages the weibo users to share the deal information. For example, if you share one group-buying deal, you will be given 1 point. If you participate the deal in the end, you will be 5 points. And the points in future can be use to redeem some special discount. On Weituan, you can also check out what  your friends are interested in. You can even tweet about the deal you wish you have, Weituan can make it happen if your tweet is popularly retweeted.

Is it innovative microblog-based service? I think you could say so. At least it sounds like a perfect match since microblog and group-buying are the most powerful social media, and the former focus on online buzz and the latter is more offline-business. Also for Chinese market, both are the most hottest service right now.

It’s hard to tell Weituan will be super successful in group-buying aggregator business, at least I don’t really want to spend time on it. But if my weibo friends do it, I have to be aware of it. Only hope it would not spam me with loads of rubbish group-buying info tweets as people might want those credits badly…