Google released new product Google+ in its late effort to rival Facebook and Twitter in social networking area even after several unsuccessful attempts including controversial Google Buzz, Google Wave and so on. Its Chinese counterpart Baidu also had a tough trip ramping up its own social network services, with the latest release of brand-new Baidu personalized homepage (pictured below), it seems Baidu has made up its mind to keep trying.

photo credit: Techweb

It seems the giant Chinese search engine is beta testing the new feature, only a small proportion of its users are directed to the newly-revamped personalized homepage, on which lots of Baidu services are integrated there, including updates from Baidu Tieba(BBS), Baidu Zone(SNS), Baidu Zhidao (social Q&A) and other apps from Baidu Open Platform.

According to some observers, the beta-testing product looks like the profile page on SNS websites, users can personalized it based on one’s needs. And in the future it could integrate with Baidu’s social networking platform. Baidu founder and CEO Robin Li said in this June that”Baidu is building a common social networking platform as infrastructure, when user comes to Baidu, he may switch seamlessly and intuitively among different Baidu products and apps. He may spend more time on Baidu, and he can also have instant access to desirable information.” One may wonder, could this be the common platform Robin talked about.

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