Innovation Works’ incubation program Jump-Start is accepting new application for its third cycle now. Launched in last September, the project had accepted 7 start-ups for the first cycle while 4 of which have been funded, including Weipai, a micro-video app on both iOS and Android platform, Meishidaren(means gourmet in Chinese, see our previous report), a location-based visual guide for users to find and share the foods they love, and two social game companies.

Some analysts pointed out that even succeed in raising money, these 4 projects’ future might not be that promising, not to mention the others which haven’t landed a deal. But who can tell.

The new cycle of Jump Start program will still focus on internet and mobile applications, especially in the following area: applications based on social networks, such as Facebook, twitter, Sina Weibo, Tencent; applications for mobile platforms, such as iOS, android, windows phone7; applications for other platforms, such as Taobao, Amazon, Paypal. The preferred types of applications include games, entertainment, local business and so on.

Details of the program can be found on Innovation Works website. Some points to note, the incubation period will be four months, and each start-up will get RMB 150,000(USD 23, 200)from Innovation Works.

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