According to iResearch, the total revenue generated on mobile application advertising platform is around rmb70 millions (~$11m) only in 2010, but by end of 2011 the figure is expected to reach rmb310 millions (~$48.7m) with ~342.9% market growth. It’s said that there are over 30 mobile ads platforms now operating in China. Phone manufacturers or Telecom (Apple, Google, China Telecom), traditional web ads platform (iMocha, AdChina etc), new mobile ads platform (MadHouse, CASEE, Wooboo, AdWo, Domob etc) and ads mediation platforms (Guohead, AdMob etc), obviously the mobile ads market is a huge fresh cake everyone wants a piece.

Guohe Ad (our previous coverage), China’s largest mobile ad mediation platform just released its first report and infographics for China mobile ad market. Launched in January 2011, Guohe Ad has now integrated 11 leading mobile ads platform in China, serve over 1000 popular apps across iOS and Android system, and its ads has been displayed over 600million times in total on 5 millions mobile devices.

The infographics depict important data points of the emerging China mobile ad market in the first half of 2011. Here are the highlights:

  • 80% of ads impressions come from 10 regions in China, and Beijing is lead followed by Shanghai, Guangzhou, Jiangsu and Zhejiang;
  • iOS ads impression weighs over Android by 16%
  • Given the popularity of iOS devices, Apple receives 58% of ads impressions among all mobile devices;
  • Smaller screen mobile devices produce better click-through rate;
  • Apart from Apple devices, HTC, Samsung and Moto are the top 3 brands which produce better ads impressions;
  • iPad is dominating the tablet market in China, accounting for over 98% of total ads impressions on tablet devices.

Guohe Ads also partnered with iResearch and released a report (in Chinese, free download) with details.

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