According to recent reports by market research firm IDC and Gartner, Chinese PC maker Lenovo overtook Dell to become the world’s No.2 PC maker for the first time in the third quarter of this year, with market share of 13.5% (Gartner thinks so) or 13.7% (IDC thinks so).

HP which faced with a serious question of “whether to sell or not” retains top spot, commanding a 17.7% of market share while IDC put the company’s market share at 18.1%.

Global shipments edged up 3.2% from a year ago according to Gartner or 3.6% by IDC.

Lenovo’s momentum growth could be ascribed to its tie-up with NEC the Japanese PC maker. Aggressive marketing campaign as well as its strength in China market – its backyard also helped. Though the global market is seeing sluggish growth, Lenovo still enjoys strong demand from China.

Declining PC Industry

One notable thing, is the patently decline of the PC. Uprising of other mobile devices including tablets, smartphone has stolen the thunder from PC industry. HP is considering a spin-off of its PC division. Dell is reducing its reliance on PC business by moving towards IT solution forefront such as medical service. Acer once ruled netbook market with its AspireOne series before the birth of iPad. But then, you know the story.

Funny enough, though finally climbed to the No.2 spot in global market, Lenovo lost ground to Apple in China in Q2 by sales as Apple pulled in record revenue aided mainly by iDevices such as iPads and iPhones.

Photo Credit: ZDNet

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