Sina Weibo, one of the most popular Chinese social networking services last night secretively unveiled its real time search engine, signaling – once again – the company’s thirst to expand its tentacles and take over social media.

After pulling the curtain off two “teasing” versions of weibo based on the original one – one is tumblr-like light-blogging edition Qing featuring multiple media contents such as pictures, audio and video; the other one is youngsters-targeted magic weibo, Sina launched the newly revamped 3-column-layout weibo which introduces an abundant choices of apps, games and even web IM service. Sina Weibo has been keeping itself busy with all kinds of new features.

Now here comes the weibo-based real time searching. On Sina Weibo search, you can search for posts, users, events, groups, votes and apps. Moreover, Sina Weibo search debuted a “Live Broadcasting”feature that can automatically updates search results.

We believe the latest addition to Sina Weibo’s arsenal is of high strategic importance to the Chinese social media giant as compared to the face-lifted fancy appearances of weibo.

Twitter has proved its value in breaking the news while Sina Weibo its Chinese counterpart also doesn’t fail to impress. More and more breaking news were first appeared on weibo before it’s searchable on search engines like Google China and Baidu. With the presentation of an independent search product, Sina has decidedly furthered its efforts to build a weibo ecosystem.

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  1.  Sina Weibo search, we can search for posts, users, events, groups, votes and apps.But in the future,will it and google same as?

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