Over 100 hundreds of top local developers and media flew to Shanghai yesterday to attend Samsung’s Galaxy Note’s launch event. All cost including flight and 5-stars hotel are covered by Samsung, and they even are promised to have a Galaxy Note in next several days.

The launch event only lasted ~30 minutes, but Galaxy Note did not disappoint the audience. 5.3′ screen with 1280×800 super amoled display and innovative S Pen technology with some very handy functions (such as the one-touch screenshot, easy note-taking etc) could make itself really stand out in the market. As one Samsung staff said to me, it’s the one can beat iPhone 5. I personally like its S Pen a lot. At least for Chinese users, especially for business people, drawing and writing is still more convenient than typing.

There was nothing wrong with Galaxy Note itself, but storm of curses came from Sina Weibo right after the debut. Terrible and unacceptable mistake on the map of China used in the presentation of Samsung’s Korean official was spotted by audience: Taiwan is displayed as a part of China, and even worse part of north-east China was separated from China. Samsung, now gets cursed by Chinese netizens of not respecting China.

An impressive commercial product show, ended up with a political issue. Really a painful lesson should Samsung learn.

Galaxy Note is priced at RMB5900, not cheap but might be worthwhile for business people. The SDK for S Pen will be released for developers in December too.

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  1. “even worse part of north-east China was separated from China” That’s the key words for chinese.

  2. A bit over the top with their reactions those Chinese netizens. Mistakes can be made and a simple appology should suffice.

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