300 millions Chinese are overweight, 120 millions Chinese are obese, 96.8 millions Chinese suffer from diabetes mellitus and 236 millions have high blood pressure. James Huang, the founder of 4jia1 shared me with these scaring figures. So we’d better try more good health and fitness apps, he said, and I can not agree more on that.

4jia1 (meaning 4 plus 1), the project claims itself the first Chinese mobile social network with focus on users’ health and fitness, starts in March 2011, and 7 months later, its iOS and Android version were released. So how does it work? Basically, you run the application and leave it on while you are doing exercise. The application will use its patent pending algorithm to automatically monitor your movement, calculate and record the calorie consumption. You can also share your experience and figures with your friends on social media such as Weibo or those located close to you.

Still focusing on health and fitness, James’ 2nd application was also released, named Being on Diet While Eating (边吃边瘦). It extends the idea of photo sharing: you take a photo of what you are eating, type in the name of food, then you will be told the amount of calorie in it. By doing that every time you are eating, you will be able to monitor daily health as the application can return your analysis and suggestion based on the records. The photos of food and the amount of calories in it can be shared on social media too, so that being on diet can be more fun.

The team of 4jia1 is based in Nanjing, and has received a angel fund from iCamp and STEFG.

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