Facebook unveiled its Timeline feature back in September 2011. Soon, QZone, Tencent’s social network which claims 552millions active users, will release a new feature, named the same, Timeline.

My friend, Peter Zheng, the product manager of QZone shared a screenshot of Timeline on his weibo. He tweeted:

Users will be able to share every great moment on its Timeline. Images, videos, diary or any shared information, even activities on the 3rd parties sites, anything could be memorized and cherished using Timeline.

Timeline feature currently is only open to a very limited group of users to test out, so we have not got chance to tell the difference between QZone’s and Facebook’s, yet. But,  According to a developer from QZone’s Timeline team, he described this feature on his personal blog as such:

QZone Timeline is a cluster of functions that allow the user to describe, integrate and document the previous, current and approaching  information which he/she values with resources of text, picture, video and etc. into the basic unit of event.

He also said the team studied Facebook Timeline, but it’s Not a copy because this project actually started in middle 2011, i.e. even before Facebook unveiled its own. The idea initially was just a Calendar + Events, he wrote.

The following is a screenshot of QZone’s Timeline from Peter Zheng. It does not look like Facebook’s Timeline, I guess.

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