Google’s future in China is still unclear. Nothing can be done on web search market; there is huge opportunity for Android market in China, but Google Play is still not available because of content control and the license for Google Checkout; Google+ is on and off from time to time; and the newly Google Drive was also blocked minutes after it’s launched.

But, Google China seems OK with that. About one month ago, Google Shanghai has moved to a new office, located at 60th, 61th floor of the expensive Shanghai World Financial Center (SWFC). I paid a visit.

It’s surprisingly high security. First, you need go up to the 52/F Sky Lobby of SWFC, and present your Chinese ID card or foreign passport at the reception to get a Visitor swipe card. Then you should find the even-floor elevators, swipe in and go to 60/F,  then walk to the Google lobby and get you a Google Visitor badge at the reception.

It’s a bit hard for me to describe how the new office looks like in English. I can only say, it’s not easy for Google to localize its products in China, but the decoration and design of its new office, is quite Chinese.

Photos can tell.

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