Apple, HTC, Samsung, Nokia, Microsoft etc are playing the war of phones in the global market; In Chinese market, we have a local version of the war: Baidu phone, Shanda phone, Alibaba phone, Tencent-branded phone and Xiaomi phone. Well, since China has overtaken America to become the largest smartphone market, having that many brands in the market is not a big deal. Chinese Internet giants just love the hardware business. Qihoo 360 is going to release its branded phones soon.

ZHOU Hongyi, the CEO of Qihoo 360, tweeted on his weibo,

I have been thinking of this for over 6 months. We developed the free anti-virus software, but how can we bring more value back to our hundreds millions of users? Everyone wants a high-end phone, but not many people can afford for the iPhone. 360 is an open platform and we promise not to manufacture a phone ourselves. But we are willing to work with both international and local phone brands to build some 360 branded phones.

So tell me, what’s your favorite brand? what specs are you expecting and at what price?

No official announcement is given by Qihoo 360 so far. But obviously, Qihoo 360 has again started challenging on everyone, this time is on the hardware.

Gang Lu

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