Oftentimes, we heard of developers complaining about difficulties in monetizing their offerings that took a lot of money and energy to build up. The cruel truth is, a lot of app developers couldn’t make money off their products, while the rest who did make money, they did so by branching out into overseas market. We once mentioned that “every iOS app download generated only an averaged $0.03 in China, which is only 1/10 of the $0.28 generated from every download in the US and half of the $0.06 in Vietnam.”

San Francisco-based Chartboost is trying to solve the problems for Chinese developer by help them monetize their games in the international markets, particularly in the fast-growing Asian markets. Dozens of Chinese game developers are now monetizing their iOS and Android apps by making deals with and promoting apps from Chartboost’s growing network of more than 1,500 games, according to the service.

Developers can use Chartboost to address and capture a large and monetizable international market. We recently wrote that the Chinese market only accounted for an average of 1.53% of the Top 10 developers’ total revenue. Beijing-based App Annie, a Apple Store Analytics and Market Intelligence firm, has found that the these top 10 Chinese players are mostly game developers.

Pictured below are the ‘score cards’ of a typical Chartboost user. 

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