Chief architect of Baidu Cloud business Lin Shiding revealed in a recent speech that the company has spent up to RMB 4.7 billion in building its cloud computing center and would open its cloud infrastructure to more hardware manufacture following its partnership with Samsung.

In his speech, Lin mentioned three types of cloud services Baidu would offer up, namely in-house built cloud, rented cloud and co-built Cloud. The first one is said to be quite costly in time, human resources and hardware. For rented cloud, Baidu partnered with other cloud service providers in co-providing a series of infrastructure as well as applications. As for co-built Cloud, it means Baidu will provide cloud infrastructure, cloud APIs and so on while hardware vendors connect their devices to these cloud offerings.

Baidu splashed RMB 4.7 billion to build its own cloud computing in Shanxi in an aim to scale up its could and mobile business. In addition to this cloud powerhouse, the Chinese search giant once said it’d be investing more than 10 billion to build another cloud center.

According to Lin, Baidu personal cloud service amassed more than 20 million users since available this September.

In Baidu’s recent tie-up with Android giant Sumsang, it baked a bevy of its cloud services ranging from storage, collaboration to share into the latter’s hit device Galaxy Note II.

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