Waiting for a cab in oversized and overcrowded big cities is literally a nightmare. In addition to the issue of too many cars, informational asymmetries also contributed to the “city disease”. For instance, the cab drivers have no idea where they can pick up passengers  while people who are in need of a cab couldn’t find an available cab. Traditionally, we call a cab company to arrange a taxi but now with Internet, we can have a better solution, such as the one TaxiMonger is providing.

Launched this February in Malaysia, TaxiMonger is a cab booking app that aims to bridge the information gap between cabs and passengers. You can book a ride via its website or mobile devices like iPhone or Android phone. Cab drivers nearby who see your order could take the order. A deal will be reached once the passenger confirms the order. Then all the passenger need to do is to wait for the cab at a given time.

To help people better discern which cab they should take and which one they should avoid TaxiMonger also has a review system where you can rate for your riding experience.TaxiMonger takes US$ 0.5 from every deals it facilitate, that’s the major revenue model for the company for now.TaxiMonger currently focus on Malaysia, but is looking to expand the service to other countries in South East Asia and even Middle East.

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