With the joining of new co-founders, online marketplace for outdoor and print media EatAds.com now equipped with a new team, new funding and a new aim to advance the efficiency of buying and selling of traditional media throughout Asia.

EatAds.com is an online platform that facilitates the search and discovery of out-of-home and print advertising space for media buying agencies, public companies and SME’s. For media owners (both large and small) it represents a new channel for promoting and generating leads.

There’s various vertical websites for property renting, job searching and suppliers finding in China, but there’s no such thing for traditional advertising media in Asia. Nigel, one of the new co-founders of the company said.

EatAds.com provides media buyers with a more transparent and speedy process for discovering, planning and buying media space at market competitive rates.


Another co-founder of EatAds.com thought that in Asia many people don’t really know how to buy billboards, who to contact and what are the prices. While EatAds is aspired to make it much easier for traditional buying agencies to serve their clients.

On EatAds.com, each listing by a media owner is supported by factual details (such as size, location, demographics of viewers etc) about that advertising space. Indicative pricing can also be provided for greater efficiency. Advertisers can quickly search and even make an offer to the seller via the site. EatAds.com is a free listing service for media owners – deriving its revenue from preferred listings, website ads and enterprise tools that integrate with the marketplace.

John founded EatAds.com in February ’11 and was making waves until the website crashed. This led him to build a website backup solution called Dropmysite and eventually, Dropmyemail – which backs up emails. The traction and success of these two backup solutions made EatAds run unsupervised in the background.

EatAds.com is currently preparing to raise the next funding round of $600,000 SGD.

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