360buy will be investing RMB 4 billion to construct two cloud computing centers – one in northern Inner Mongolia province while the other one in southern Jiangsu province, according to an investment framework agreement signed with local governments. The move indicates the company’s accelerated pace in cloud computing and information technology.

The northern cloud powerhouse would be consisted of 4 data centers which accommodating between 150k and 200k servers upon first phase construction finishing up. It’ll have 800PB storage capacity and 1.920THz computing capacity. Details about the southern one hasn’t been released yet.

In the company’s “scale up” mapping, its core competitiveness of cloud computing is one of the most important plan to fulfill 360buy’s ‘cloud e-commerce’ strategy proposed in 2010. First, cloud computing can deal with data processing, resource allocation and logistics problem, optimizing and stabilizing system performance. Second, 360buy would open up cloud computing service, turning ‘private cloud’ to ‘public cloud’. Finally, 36obuy’s dream of becoming the NO.1 ‘cloud e-commerce’ might be realized.

In addition to this, the company also launched some dedicated cloud initiatives such as JBox, a service resembles Dropbox.

JBox by 360buy, a cloud storage service

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