After a string of unfortunates happened last year, like the massive layoff, delayed IPO, management shakeup and CEO Wu Bo resigning from his post, Lashou seemed to be in a downtrend, falling from the top spot to today’s No. 4 in Chinese group buying market.

And now, the Beijing-based startup appeared to be finally waking up from a nap as it reportedly initiated a new hiring plan involving more than 1100 positions.

Zhu Xiaohu from GSR Ventures, one of Lashou’s investors, said that after the painful period, Lashou’s finally back on track and wants to boost the morale with more new blood. “The group-buying industry is going back to be a market-oriented rather than a capital-centered one as it was before.”

Positions offered in this plan cover sales, R&D, operating, service, and marketing. Candidates will be receiving systematic professional training and planning after being employed. Liu also emphasized that Lashou would keep on inputting in R&D department to innovate products and mobile developments.

Back on track always is a good thing, but it’s also necessary to draw on some past lessons just in case of new problems incurred by fast expansion.

Image credit: Lashou

Charlie Sheng

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