Qihoo reportedly just acquired RiZhiBao, a Beijing-based online security startup providing SaaS-based services to give webmasters intuitive and comprehensive understanding of their website operations through insights into weblogs.

In addition to weblogs analysis, RiZhiBao could scan a website to look into any bugs and vulnerability that might lead to hacker attacks. These features made RiZhiBao a popular service among webmasters. Besides, RiZhiBao also provides enterprise-level service that comes with a price tag.

Qihoo, as a matter of fact, already offered up its own webmaster-oriented service dubbed 360 Website Guard (wangzhan.360.cn) with practical offerings like anti-DDOS, anti-hacking, website stats and so forth. The acquisition of RiZhiBao could complement its own service especially on parts of weblog analysis and insights.

No financial details about the deal have been revealed yet.

Image credit: Rizhibao.com

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