Jack Ma, who is about to resign as CEO of Alibaba Group soon, revealed at an event on the past Sunday that he was planning to found a college for entrepreneurs in about two years in collaboration with some of his friends (video). He once said he would set up a business school with Feng Tang, a real estate tycoon.

He also advised entrepreneurs not to count on big companies to save them. He said, ‘Never dream of saving your lives with help from big companies. The world is so cruel that only with much of your own efforts plus a bit of luck can you survive the black forest. Never expect anyone. Count on yourselves. ’

On May 10, Jack Ma will retire from his post as CEO and become the chairman. He seems to quite look forward that day. He said, he would do what he likes after that day and enjoy the simple relaxing life after resignation. Regarding the dreams other than the business school, he said, “I don’t want to leave much regret when I leave the world.”

image credit: huanqiu.com

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  1. “Count on yourselves.” Yes, you the product of the one-child policy, count on yourself. That is the cancer in Chinese society today. How ironic that Alibaba wouldn’t be what it is today if Jack didn’t have Joe.

  2. I respect this move with all my heart. It is great that these leading entrepreneurs stick out their heads to help others advance their work or business. And how true is it that nobody will save you. Everybody is always there whenever a winner is born, however when times are tough or success is not guaranteed, nobody really helps, except with empty promises. So please show some respect to him, as this disrespect is completely out of place.

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