Asking investors in China about which sectors they are looking at, chances are they’d say healthcare and online education. Here is a summary of investments made from late 2012 to July 2013 on online education.


  • 91Waijiao raised $4 million in series A from NetEase, believes Chinese would like to spend more to hire native speaking English teachers. The service is co-founded by serial entrepreneur Gong Haiyan, founder and ex-CEO of US-listed online dating service Jiayuan.
  • 51Talk, offering similar services with 91Waijiao’s, raised several million dollars in Series A from DCM at the end of 2012.
  • Hujiang, an online language learning platform with 20 million registered users, raised another $20 million in June.
  • SayBot, offering digital text books and materials for kids, raised $10 million in Series C led by Qualcomm Ventures in June.
  • 17Zuoye, currently focused on English learning, is an platform for teachers, kids and parents to interact. Several million dollars in Series A was secured in January.
  • iCardEnglish, a spoken English training service, raised seed funding in June.


  • raised several million dollars from Matrix Partners China in series B in July. It started as an online platform for teachers and students to interact but currently is focusing on developing an system for preparing for exams.
  • teaches how to use software for charting, photo editing and the like on YY, a video broadcasting platform. It raised 15 million yuan ($2.4 mn) of Series A in July.
  • WYZC, a platform offering IT training courses, raised several million yuan from ZhenFund in June.
  • Kechengpai, an online training course provider focused on IT and design, raised several million yuan from GOBI Partners in March.

Online Consulting for Studying Abroad

  • Focusedu raised several million dollars in Series A from DCM.

Preschool Education

  • BabyBus raised millions of dollars in Series A in January.
  • SmarTots, a e-learning platform that connects parents and their kids, raised several million dollars from ZhenFund, Softbank and AAMA
  • Roam & Wander, which develops apps for kids, raised several million dollars from TMI and WI Haprper.
  • 61time has developed an interactive drawing course for kids. It raised feed funding of several million yuan in January.

Shareskill-style Services

  •, a Shareskill-style platform, raised $10 million in Series B from Baidu in April.
  • sold a 16.85% stake for $3.08 million to Xueersi.

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