Audiocn, Mobile Karaoke App For Professionals, Received Millions of Dollars in Series A Financing


Audiocn, a mobile Karaoke app, secured millions of dollars in Series A funding from SIG Asia. The angel round is from PreAngel (report in Chinese).

Audiocn differs from other karaoke apps in that it offers professional audio editing tools to music fans, aiming to generate high-quality content. Targeted at a music studio, singers can adjust the tones, sound effects of accompanying music. Most staff of this team is engaged in developing video and audio technologies.

Additionally, Audiocn users also can shoot videos while they are singing with the camera on mobile phones. Audiocn platform also include training courses on dancing and crosstalk.

Audiocn now has around 8 million users, of which 40 percent are oversea users mainly come from Southeast Asia. The number of daily active users stands at around 4 million.

The company tried to monetize their service by selling virtual items to users and promoting brands for enterprises.

Audiocn Digital Technology, developer of this tool, also launched several other music-related apps, including Audiocn Garden, Audiocn Radio and music player Audio Music.

Similar domestic apps are Tencent’s Just Wanner Karaoke, Changba and Maichang, an app for grassroots music fans.