37degree, a startup invested by Innovation Works, is a marketing service based on social network data. It provides comprehensive social media monitoring services, grasps the social media development and converts social buzz to social strategy for marketing.

For business customers, 37degree distributes ads to targeted audiences via its API system in a bid to enhance the accuracy and conversion rate of marketing activities. The company helps individual users, such as celebrities, to increase their influences by analyzing public opinions or giving optimization suggestions on contents. It also can screen the spam comments (source in Chinese).

Zhao Qiankun, founder of the company, noted that 37degree is a cross-platform data analyzing service, launching investigations on data come from multiple, rather than one single social network.

Founded in 2011, 37degree gives more focus to content management, similar to another media management company Social Touch. But, it also offers customer management services and data analyzing reports.

A raft of similar startups mushroomed in recent years, but with focuses on different aspects.  KMsocial helps enterprises to get quick access to target customers, Vmaibo includes the functions of reputation management, content push and Weibo tracking, WeiboReach analyzes the distribution channels of Weibo and Weiresearch features topic analysis and activity monitoring.

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