Alibaba Bet On Wireless Business With ALL IN Strategy, Aiming At 30% Market Share For Laiwang

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201303199641363664116578Alibaba Group planned to exert its utmost efforts to develop wireless business. Lu Zhaoxi, CEO of the e-commerce baron, required full mobilization, or what he called “ALL IN”, for the development of wireless sector (report in Chinese).

Alibaba takes Laiwang, an IM tool released 4.0 version this September, as a breakthrough point for wireless business. The market share of Laiwang is expected to reach 30% in a bid to guarantee better user experience and to facilitate the expansion of other services.

Different to similar IM tools of WeChat and EasyChat, Laiwang targeted at pure friend interaction platform by introducing new features such as, burn after reading, an automatic message eliminating service, and the right to establish groups with up to 500 members. The company has launched large-scale promotion activities for Laiwang both internally and externally.

To complete the product lineup, the company will also zero in on Mobile Taobao, Ali OS as well as an imminent O2O service. The newly added users of Mobile Taobao exceeded 100 million in the first half of this year, while number of active users tripled that of the same period of last year. Sina Weibo account of Mobile Taobao-like Weitao recorded more than 50 million visitors.

Wireless services Alibaba invested in are UC browser, Sina Weibo, AutoNavi,, among others.