Startup database ITjuzi recently released the newest round-up of O2O local life services with focus on their investment status and media attentions. Please enjoy the list:

1. Comagic

Founded in 2008, Comagic is an O2O service provider focused on cartoon-themed kids’ furniture. It opened more than 120 physical stores in first-tier cities like Beijing and Shanghai and settled in B2C platforms including Tmall, JD, and Vipshop. After chalking up 100 million yuan ($16.29 million) of revenue in 2012, Comagic secured 100 million yuan of Series B financing from Tiantu Capital this October. The company has received 60 million yuan of Series A financing from Tripod Capital in 2010.


2. Boqii is an e-commerce company focusing on pet related products, including pet food, accessories, and services. It received tens of million dollars in Series B financing from Jafco Asia and Goldman Sachs in June 2013.


3. Gewara

Gewara started as an online movie ticket seller when founded in 2008. Now, it aims to transform to an Internet platform which integrates urban entertainment and consumption information. The company announced $20 million of Series C financing led by CDH Investments. Gewara previously received 2 million yuan of Series A financing from Shanda Capital and tens of million yuan in Series B financing from CDH Investments and Shanda Capital.


4. RoseOnly

RoseOnly is a high-tier online flower store. It opened the first bricks-and mortar store this September. The company received millions of yuan in Series A financing from Trends Group and tens of million dollars in Series B funding from Tencent in the past eight months.


5. Etaoshi

Etaoshi is an online food ordering and delivery platform, offering one-stop catering services of restaurant reservation, ordering, payment, and delivery. Etaoshi is the partner of Taobao Diandian, Alibaba’s Dianping-like service.


Please download the Chinese report at here. Please visit here for Part II.

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