10 O2O Local Life Startups You Should Not Miss (Part II)

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Let’s pick it up where we left off on the wrap-up of awesome local life services.

6. 19Lou

19Lou is an urban life community integrating diversified services of dating, home decoration, and parenting, among others. The company announced 60 million yuan ($9.77 million) of Series A financing from NewMargin Ventures in this May. The angel round is injected by Ceyuan in 2008.


7. Daojia

Daojia is a food delivery service that targets at urban medium- and high-income families. Customers can place orders on the official website, mobile terminals or call center and Daojia will deliver the foods to their homes. Daojia received Series C financing from JD.com and Morningside Ventures this September. Investors for previous rounds are Morningside Ventures, Northern Light Venture Capital, and Zero2IPO Venture.


8. eJiajie

eJiajie is a location-based housekeeping service platform which receive orders from both WeChat and a dedicated app. The company secured millions of dollars in Series A financing from Tencent and the angel round is from Golden Seed Venture Capital.


9. 168guanli

Founded in 2012, 168guanli is a decoration service provider. The company’s product portfolio includes Zhaishfu, Enterprise Decoration Helper, Designhui, and Zhuangguanjia. The company secured millions of angel investment from iStart.


10. Jdguanjia

Jdguajia is mobile platform offering home appliance services. It provides various information including home appliance maintenance, cleaning, installation as well as trading and disposal of used devices. In this August, the company received millions of angel investment from Wang Lijie, founder of PreAngel, and Gu Hao, partner of Sinowisdom Capital.