Mobile Video Service Xiaoying Secured 5 Million Yuan Angel Investment from Innovation Works

1110458415Xiaoying (aka VivaVideo), a mobile video app, received 5 million yuan ($815,037) of angel investment from Innovation Works, disclosed Han Sheng, founder of the company.

Different from other domestic video apps, Xiaoying gives priority to video editing features by simulating film production procedures in a bid to provide high-quality video beautifying service. It aims to become Meituxiuxiu, a photo editing app known for its beautifying effects for self-portraits, for mobile video industry, stated Han.

In addition, Xiaoying’s users can share the video clips to Sina Weibo, WeChat, QQ Zone, Tencent Weibo, and Renren.

The company claimed over 10 million registered users, while more than 1,000 of video clips being uploaded per day. After releasing Android version in January this year, the iOS version will hit the market by the end of this month.

After the mobile video explosion ignited by Vine, similar Chinese apps mushroomed, including Miaopai, WeShow, Papaqi, and Weipai. Domestic video apps placed emphasis on video sharing functions and neglected the video shooting and editing features, according to Han.

Most of domestic video apps are backed by popular SNS tools to ensure large user base. Miaopai launched in-depth cooperation with Sina Weibo, while WeShow is a homegrown service released by Tencent.