Edaole, a tourism service platform, was kicked off on November 11. Operating in a fashion similar to Taobao, Edaole adopts C2C business model to connect travelers and tourism service providers.

On the one hand, Edaole helps travelers who are bored with conventional scenery spots of their tourism destinations to dig out the exciting and adventurous activities recommended by local people.

On the other hand, tourism service providers can recommend their activities to tourist via the platform. All the services on Edaole are provided by local merchants or individuals.

Edaole covers wide categories of events, such as outdoor activities, cultural events, sightseeing, and cuisine. The adventurous and exciting events available on the platform include, flying a plane and paraglider, riding monocycle, making pottery, watching coral, parkour, and embroidery.

The company currently attracted hundreds of activities in Suzhou and Shanghai, planning to expand to other major cities in the future. The service generates profits from commissions and ads.

Edaole planned to make forays into outbound tourism sector. It now supports three languages, Chinese, English, and Germany and accepts the payments in Renminbi, Euro, and US dollar.

Edaole is similar to Ediqiu and Wanzi in terms that it offers travelling tips to backpack travelers, but it placed more emphasis on activities rather than giving advises on itineraries like the other two travelling webs.

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