MiWiFi (image: MiWiFi.com)

Xiaomi, Chinese smartphone maker and software provider, launched a smart router, MiWiFi, today. Pre-order is open today and the first batch will be available for sale on its website on December 19th.

The company doesn’t disclose any specifications, claiming it will be of the top. Also it claims it will be super fast. As for the features, the only one mentioned is it can cross the Great Firewall, just like HiWiFi and a few others that emerged this year in China.

HiWiFi was one of the first smart routers in China that added a layer of app platform. Of all the apps HiWiFi has developed, at least two are attractive. One is for blocking ads on online video services; another is the one Xiaomi touts too.

HiWiFi has raised Series A of funding. Smart WiFi router has become a hot topic in China. Ambitious players bet that it will eventually function in the future times of multiple screens like how web browser functions in PC times. Some Chinese Internet companies such as Qihoo and Sogou have successfully taken advantage of their web browser user base, having been making money from online advertising and revenue shares from paying services like online game.

Qihoo and Baidu each have launched a pair of WiFi routers. GEAK, the hardware brand of Shanda which has released a smartwatch and a smart ring, announced to release a smart WiFi router on the same day with Xiaomi’s.

Tracey Xiang is Beijing, China-based tech writer. Reach her at traceyxiang@gmail.com