Wandoujia, an app distributor and content manager, released the newest issue of China App Index for November. Please read the previous reports here and there.

1. Foreign Games Win Chinese Hearts, But Not Their Wallets

Foreign games that have managed to win plaudits from Chinese players still need a China-friendly payment system before they can monetize. More than 70% of Android phones in China lack Google Play Services, and Google’s in-app billing system has yet to cross the Great Firewall, but there are multiple options for games wishing to cater to their Chinese play base.

Supercell’s break-out hit Clash of Clans is the number one game in China this month with 206k monthly downloads, but not a single of the Chinese players can purchase gems, the in-game monetization currency, due to the lack of a China-friendly payment system.

The billing systems used by Mini Motor Racing and I’m MT both offer Chinese players various methods for purchasing in-game content.


Games lacking a Chinese payment system not only miss out on potential revenue, but also leave Chinese players locked out of premium game content and feeling frustrated.

2. MomentCam, a Chinese Export Hitting Shores Everywhere

China-developed MomentCam, which witnessed 54k of peak daily downloads, appeared on the radar suddenly in October and has spread virulently to foreign shores. MomentCam takes the user’s photo and makes it a cartoon sketch which users can place his visage, adorned with a choice of hairstyles, glasses and beards. Ample channels are available for spreading the hilarious creation to friends anywhere.


According to App Annie, the app spread virulently through Southeast Asia, Australia and Scandinavia where it was the number one Google Play Photo app in 11 countries by the first week of November.

3. Everything in Moderation: Phone-Locking Apps Fight Distraction

Self-discipline apps recorded meteoric growth this month, signaling that maturing Chinese mobile user base is wrestling with the same issues of smartphone distraction that plague their counterparts in developed nations.

Phone-locking sleep aid I Wanna Sleep is the fastest growing app this month with a growth rate of 7,575%. Set a time to go to sleep, and I Wanna Sleep reminds you it’s time to hit the sack and locks your phone.

Developed by the same studio that created I Wanna Sleep, I Wanna Study will play an annoying song or post an embarrassing post to social media if students study longer than the allotted amount of time.


image credit: Wandoujia

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