It was speculated that Qihoo was the company behind the TaiG App Store which was bundled to evad3rs team’s iOS7 Jailbreak, for the company is a investor of TaiG developer Kuaiyong.

In a statement published this afternoon, Qihoo claims it has nothing to do with it, saying Kuaiyong is just one of the over 100 startups the company has invested in and wouldn’t get involved in product development or management. Qihoo joined the second round of investment into Kuaiyong.

The statement accuses Joe Hu, CEO of 91 Wireless, of defamation. It is said that Joe Hu pointed to Qihoo as the company behind TaiG saying TaiG’s backend servers were hosted by Qihoo. TaiG’s servers, according to Qihoo, are ran by them own. Qihoo says Joe Hu is used by its rival Baidu as 91 Wireless was acquired by the latter.

Earlier to to the Qihoo statement, evad3rs announced to end relationship with TaiG for pirated content was found in the TaiG store and “a cracked version of the jailbreak” that installs TaiG offered to its users. The open letter reads that TaiG didn’t transmit any private user data, anyway. Also, like what Kuaiyong stated, evad3rs said they didn’t take any money.

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