Chinese Android app distributor Wandoujia (or SnapPea) and research institute iResearch jointly released a report on the hottest trends of Chinese mobile apps and games in last year. More than 500 million out of overall 618 million Chinese netizens are mobile device users, according to data released by CNNIC.

Mobile apps:

  1. AliPay’s annual downloads are around 1.5 times of the combined annual app downloads for major banks in China.
  2. Only Didi Dache and Kuaidi Dache stood out from the fierce competition of Chinese taxi-booking app industry, while tens of smaller rivals are sunk into oblivion.
  3. The bimonthly download of 12306 app, China’s official service for train ticket sales, surpassed the annual downloads of all third-party ticket-booking services, despite the fact that 12306 is notorious for its poor user experience.

Mobile Games:

China’s active mobile gamers surged by nearly 50 million in 2013. With the upgrading of screen resolution and memory, smartphone is replacing handheld game consoles as the most popular gaming device in recent years.

  1. Five of the Top 10 stand-alone mobile games in terms of downloads are developed by domestic teams, including Find Something, Carrot Fantasy, Fishing Joy, Fishing Joy 2, and Crazy Guess Figure. Chinese game developers are catching up with their foreign counterparts.
  2. Male and female gamers are equally crazy for mobile games, while 50% of players who downloaded more than 15 games are female.
  3. Male gamers prefer hard-core games and female players like casual games.

image credit: Wandoujia

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