Gain insights into the Mobile App Market in China at ‘TechNode Touch’ Meetup in Beijing

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Join us for our February monthly meetup in Beijing – ‘TechNode Touch’. TNT aims to bring together the startup and technology community in Beijing regularly at our newly launched co-working space ‘The Node’ in the 751 D-park in Beijing, which is part of the trendy 798 art district. TNT is not only a networking event for entrepreneurs, investors, developers, makers and startup enthusiasts but will also offer in-depth insights into various industries and sectors, taken up as a theme of each meetup. TNT will be a forum for various stakeholders to share knowledge and benefit from the collective pool of experience and insights. We hope to do this by having interactive sessions and discussions on various issues impacting each industry.

Our February meetup will explore the topic ‘Mobile App Market in China : Challenges and Opportunities’. We see more and more startups developing mobile apps for the China market or promoting foreign apps here, so through this meetup we want to give them an opportunity to understand the market. The m

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