PaoPet, A Professional Pet Care Clinic on Your Mobile


Increasing number of Chinese people beginning to keep pets and it is reported that there are over 150 million pets in China. However, China’s pet service lags far behind pet lover’s expectations in the pet health sector, given that there are only 6,000 registered veterinary hospitals countrywide.

With the shortage of health care facilities, PaoPet, a pet health care app developed by Beijing Lianchuang Kangchong Technology, can be very handy in diagnosing illness of your pets and keeping track of the health conditions of them. The service is launched in August last year and now available both on Android and iOS platform.

PaoPet provides an open and free online health and medical platform dedicated to pets. After submitting information and symptoms of your pets in texts, pictures, videos, professional veterinarians will respond promptly within five minutes, the company claimed. The app offers a variety of information on pet medicines, prices of these medicines, nearby vet pharmacies, etc., moreover, it introduces a review and rating system for the vet hospitals.

Like most of other pet apps, it also has social features which allow users to post articles and cute pictures of their pets, and to find other pet lovers.

Pet industry begins to attract the eyes of venture capitalists recently. Petta, a social networking app for pet owners neted funding from Zhonglu Capital late 2013 and pet e-commerce site Boqii just closed $25 Million Series B financing led by Goldman Sachs. Online pet community Goumin launched a pet product group-buying app Aichongtuan last year.

image credit: PaoPet