The First WeChat Experience Store Opened by Chinese Discount Store Chain Shopin

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Shopin was one of the first bricks-and-mortar discount store chains in China when its first store was opened in 2000. Recently it opened the  very first WeChat experience store in Hangzhou, China that enable customers to purchase goods in the store with WeChat app.

After subscribing to Shopin’s WeChat account, users can make purchases with WeChat Payment on site. You also can save items into the shopping cart and decide later whether you’d like to have them delivered to a certain place or pick them up at the store — of course you can pay for them with WeChat Payment anytime after you leave the store.

Shopin's First WeChat Experience Store in Hangzhou, China
Shopin’s First WeChat Experience Store in Hangzhou, China (Photo:Lois Wang)

Through the Shopin WeChat account, you’ll also be able to track delivery status or return goods.

Not only in the store, Shopin will make good info available on posters at various places, subway stations, bus stops, enterprises or schools so that passers-by will be able to scan QR codes next to those goods and make purchases.

Buy Shopin Goods Everywhere through WeChat Payment (Photo:Lois Wang)