Hiring and getting hired can get as painful in China’s tech industry as it is in the US. Spotting the dilemma, Nashangban (“where to work”) has created a job-matching platform to connect tech job seekers and recruiters in a way that speeds up the process for both.

But recruiting websites like Lagou (“hook”) has a similar matchmaking feature with a focus on the tech industry as well. Moreover, Lagou’s connection to Beijing-based incubator 3W Cafe has brought it users and investors. There is also Matchcv, which seeks to tap big data-powered social recruiting, and Ifchange, aiming to streamline recruiting process for HR.

What makes Nashangban stand out from the crowed then?  It seems to be the platform’s quality job opportunities. High-profiled Chinese tech companies like Baidu, Xiaomi, Tencent, Alibaba are already onboard. Nashangban has also attracted tech companies from the Silicon Valley like Facebook and Tesla which are seeking talents in China.

On the flip side of the coin, why do recruiters need Nashangban? “Recruiting technical talent can be challenging for a non-technical HR,” CEO Han Bin told Technode in an interview. The search engine of Nashangban automatically filters job candidates with the desired technical skills, which users fill out in their profiles.

User can tag their skills in the profile to get discovered by recruiters.
Users can tag their skills in the profile to get discovered by recruiters.

The founding team is a trio of Chinese entrepreneurs with oversea education. This gives Nashangban access to cutting edge startup ideas in the US while understanding what works for China.

For instance, when we asked why Nashangban didn’t follow the model of Distill, a San Francisco-based technical recruiting startup recently acquired by Yahoo which provides a video interview service alongside a text editor for displaying codes, Han said a lot of Chinese programmers are not yet used to online interviews.

Nashangban claims 220,000 registered users and 110,000 active users as of July.

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