Let’s pick it up where we left off on women-focused startups (click here for Part I).

6. Lmbang


Lmbang is a Shenzhen-based mommy communication website where mothers can share and exchange tips on various topics of child rearing, slimming, beauty makeup, emotion, delicacy, sexual health, etc. Most of the users are moms who are born in 1980s and 1990s, a group that is open to new and cool stuffs in baby care, parenting, fashion, etc. The platform has more than 20 million registered users with around 2.6 million daily active users and a monthly retention rate of 60%. It just netted US$20 million of Series B financing this June.

7. Iyaya


As one of the earliest baby and maternal communication platforms in China (founded in 2003), Iyaya divides users into different groups according to information they submitted upon registration, like birthday of their babies, location, among others. The site has  launched an e-commerce channel to integrate merchants that sell formula, diaper, etc., or offer postpartum workout and early education services. The platform monetizes by charging service/ad fees and shares revenues with merchants. Its revenues reached around 100 million yuan (around US$16 million) as of present. Iyaya has registered more than 20 million users.

Zhang Liang, founder of Iyaya, also founded Mmbang, a mobile maternal community that claimed 10 million users.

8. Yaolan


Yaolan is an online parenting web portal, community, and education platform. Founded in 1999, the company offers quality information and education services to pregnant women and parents of 0-6 year-old in China, cooperating with over 400 experts in pregnancy, gynecology, early education, baby care, phycology, etc. The site has more than 10 million registered members.

 9. SoYoung


SoYoung is an online community where users can share their experiences on having plastic surgery operations and post-operative care tips. The site has more than 500K registered users with 100K of active users, most of them are women. The company is founded by Jin Xing, former execs at Tom.com, Mop and Tencent, in March 2013.

10. Aibaimm


Started as a group on Chinese popular instant messaging tool QQ, Aibaimm is an invitation-only mom community that focused on high-end users. In addition to offering maternal and children care information, it cooperates with several high-end obstetrics and gynecology hospitals in China for group-buying business. The site has more than 50K registered users and around 30K active users.

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