Google Play Finally Accepting Priced Apps from Chinese Developers

google_play_logo_002_002_1xGoogle Play is now accepting priced apps from Chinese developers. Upon purchase, Google will send payments received to the local bank accounts of the apps’ developers.

Google Play the store is still not accessible in mainland China. Given the current trend of Chinese internet and mobile services’ expanding overseas, many businesses in a similar situation to Google, such as Facebook, are watching to see how they handle being blocked in China. Facebook has hired local employees to promote its advertising products among Chinese companies who want overseas customers.

Previously Chinese developers worked with third-party payments services or related service providers to sell paid Android apps or in-app items. Many such services have found China one of their largest markets.

Currently gaming is one of the few categories of Android app which Chinese developers export overseas. It has been difficult for other top-grossing categories in the domestic market, such as dating, to acquire paying users outside of mainland China.


Editing by Mike Cormack (@bucketoftongues)