As Google’s Project Ara readies for its beta launch this year, a Shenzhen-based startup is working on a case that hopes to create modular extensions for the iPhone, currently seeking backing through their kickstarter.

Unlike Project Ara which acts as an exoskeleton with replaceable modules, EVOL is a multi-purpose case, which does not modify the iPhone’s physical hardware. While it’s obviously less powerful than a highly modifiable Android modular, it could tap the same appetite for personalization among the iOS faithful.

EVOL consists of a group of parts that can be attached to a conductive case, including ultra-slim battery, handles, memory and multiple lenses. The set also includes a EVOL cordless Dock, a base that can charge the iPhone and EVOL Battery as well as the Apple Watch. An accompanying app will be soon be released, helping users to manage all accessories in one place.

The EVOL hopes to have a fast turnaround, and use funding to create further sophisticated modules. At the current rate, it’s possible they will launch around the same time as Google’s Project Ara.


Currently EVOL supports iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, allowing users to create our own smartphone based on personal preference “as simply as we build a toy from LEGO blocks.”

We at Technode haven’t yet had a chance to test the EVOL ourselves, but it is clear that team is creating something interesting. In the past, the magnetic battery systems have had problems, and similar lenses for iPhones are already on the market. However even if the EVOL only serves to sucessfully bring several existing products into one modular experience, it will be worth its concept.

Recently, the iPhone became the most popular smartphone brand in Urban China by market share, outstripping local startup Xiaomi. Appetite for iOS has grown steadily, however Android still maintains a total market majority.

The EVOL team has launched a Kickstarter campaign which has already raised US$13,403 at the time you’re reading this and still have 22 days to go.

Image Source: EVOL

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