Chinese internet giant Alibaba is taking a step further towards their goal of disrupting China’s medical industry.

AliHealth, Alibaba’s Hong Kong-listed health affiliate, has invested 225 million RMB (around 34.56 million USD) in Wlycloud, the telemedicine imaging subsidiary of China Resources Wandong Medical Equipment Co., Ltd.

Upon completion of this deal, China Resources retains a controlling 75% stake in the company, while AliHealth holds a 25% stake and nomination rights for two out of the five board members.

Founded in 2009, Wlycloud is principally engaged in the development and operation of telemedicine imaging services. Its parent company Wandong Medical Equipment, a former state-owned enterprise founded in 1955, is one of the top medical imaging equipment manufacturers in China.

The match will combine resources from both sides to explore telemedicine services for individual and enterprises customers, according to the company’s statement.

For B2B services, Wlycloud is setting up telemedicine imaging centers to enable medical service delivery at county and town-level hospitals. At the same time, the firm has established third-party medical imaging centers in Beijing and Zhengzhou to ease pressures on big hospitals. Similar centers are under construction in more cities.

Wylcloud’s C2B and C2C services allow patients to upload their medical images in AliHealth app to seek second opinions from professionals on the platform.

Alibaba has made constant clouts on the traditional healthcare industry with ambitious healthcare plans. Other healthcare related moves include the launch of Future Hospital plan and cloud hospital project, the addition of a hospital appointments feature to Alipay, and the launch of prescription purchase app.

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