Greg gives us insight into how he has raised money from leading investors, SOSV and 500start-ups. He tells us his passion for informing and inspiring the marketplace through client obsession to boost their net promoter score. Greg, as “a chief everything officer”, shares how to run a start-up like he runs ultra-marathons and why entrepreneurs should “start before they are ready!”

Greg Nance, ultra-marathoner, ultra-motivator and entrepreneur out of Cambridge University in 2012 joins the podcast and brings exciting news. Today Greg announces the launch of Dyad (formerly ChaseFuture), a mentorship driven education service helping young people discover their strengths, chart professional development goals to prepare for job search through mentorship.

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China Startup Pulse is a weekly podcast designed to give startup enthusiasts around the world a behind the scenes and on-the-ground understanding of what’s happening in China’s startup ecosystem. Founded and hosted by Ryan Shuken and Todd Embley, and produced by Qi Liu, China Startup Pulse is sponsored by Chinaccelerator, People Squared, and TechNode.

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  1. Thanks for the engaging conversation! Appreciate the opportunity. Big hat tip to Todd, Ryan and Darren for putting on a great show!

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