Xiaomi Speeds Up Commercialization With Ad Platform Launch

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-2016-05-04-下午1.41.26 Xiaomi rolled out an ad platform named Xiaomi Marketing yesterday, a service that grants clients access to over 100 million Xiaomi users, said the company.

Based on big data, the platform will provide ad distribution, marketing and branding services for customers to reach audiences through the company’s Android-based firmware MIUI, Xiaomi’s app store, browser, news app, a theme market and other Xiaomi-backed apps. The ads will reach users across platforms from Xiaomi’s smartphones, tablets to smart TVs.

The company said advertisement will become a main revenue source in their future.

Xiaomi’s MIUI, which was launched before the first Xiaomi phone, has over 100 million uses as of February last year, according to the company.

MIUI become popular among users due to its simplified  user interface and partly because of it’s a highly customizable service that allows users to delete pre-installed apps.