It’s that time of the year again: the festive weekend for Chinese techies, startup entrepreneurs and investors alike. ChinaBang Awards, an annual ceremony recognizing the best startups in China, is on the go.

To continue last year’s initiative in finding out the amazing startups nationwide- not just 1st tier cities, this year’s ChinaBang Award ceremony takes place at Changzhou of Jiangsu Province which sits at the center of China’s highly developed Yangtze Delta region.

After a few additions and changes, there are more than twenty award categories for this year from “VC of the Year” and “Entrepreneur of the Year” to “Best Startup” to honor the achievements they’ve made in the past year.

To guarantee the justice of the awards, the award process combined the results of an online poll with judgments from a specialist committee, taking into consideration aspects such as the startups’ innovation, growth potential and market influence.

Here comes the winners, congratulations to you all!

VC of the Year

Yu Lifeng (V Star Capital), Li Feng (FreeS Fund), Elton Jiang (Northern Light Venture Capital), Matt Cheng (Cherubic Ventures)

Entrepreneur of the Year

Hu Weiwei, Mobike

Hu is the founder of Mobike, a leading bike-rental company in China. Using specially designed bikes equipped with GPS and proprietary smart-lock technology, Mobike enables users of its smartphone app to find a bike near them and unlock it using their smartphones. The company is operating in more than 20 cities in China.

Han Kun- Yixia Technology

Han is the founder of Yixia Technology, one of the leading video app developers to have ridden China’s video and live-streaming boom. The company’s core products include Miaopai, a leading video clip editing and sharing app which claimed over video-dubbing app Xiaokaxiu and live streaming platform Yizhibo.

Startup of the Year


Emerging Startup of the Year

Zero Zero is the producer of Hover drone cameras.

Pear Video is a live streaming startup.

Philm is a video-editing app that enables users to convert video clips into animated art.

Gago’s cloud-based platform helps farming companies to realize real-time monitoring and make smarter decision-making by leveraging visualized agronomic data.

Uisee: a smart driving technology company

Best Hardware

Xiaomi Mix – Xiaomi’s highly popular flagship smartphone.

Zero Zero

Insta360 is a manufacturer of panoramic cameras. User can attach the cameras to a smartphone for 360 degree panoramic video.

Deepfar Ocean Technology is primarily engaged in the research and development of underwater vehicles for military uses.

Best Apps

Fenda is a knowledge sharing service that enables users to pay to ask celebrities questions and get voice responses from the celebrities.

Flipboard China– the Chinese edition of the magzine-format social networking agreegation app.

Xianyu, meaning an idle fish, is a second-hand e-commerce platform. Customers can use their smartphones to run their stores and add promotional voice recordings to sell their products, making the app more like a social app.

Best Technologically Innovative Product

Yunzhou-Tech is a professional company focusing on USV development and offering USV solutions for water environment sampling & monitoring, hydrographic survey, oceanographic survey, nuclear radiation monitoring and water surface cleaning, etc.

Sougou is the owner and developer of Sogou search engine, Sogou Input and Sogou browser.

Shadow Creator is an VR/AR solution provider.

Best Enterprise Service

Zhipin is an online recruitment platform.

Shimo is a cloud-based productivity suite that combines chat, documents, spreadsheets, and more in a simple interface.

Tezign is an online platform connecting creative professionals with projects efficiently. Tezign engage creative individuals in three areas: graphic design, user interface design and illustration with a variety of organizations with design requests.

Daydao creates one-stop business management cloud platform in China.

Biaoqing Yun provides sticker and emoticon solutions.

Best E-commerce Platform

Aihuishou is an online gadget recycling platform. The company has received an RMB 400 million series D in December last year.

Beibei is an infant care online retailer.

YOHO! is a fashion e-commerce platform.

Best AI Product

Aispeech: a speech recognition and analysis start-up

Microsoft Xiaobing: Microsoft’s chatbot

WestWellLab is a commercial lab specialized in neuromorphic engineering.

Best Online Education Startups

Genshuixue is a website and mobile app that allows users to search for courses, both local and online, in a variety of subjects from piano to SAT prep.

Zuoyebang: a K-12 online education startup.

Haifeng Education: an online education platform

BOXFiSH: an online English training class

Best Fintech Startups

Paymax, a Shanghai-based startup in China’s growing mobile credit field, aims to provide micro loan service that specifically targeted at the country’s working class.

Okcoin: a Chinese crypto-currency trading platform

Maizi Jinfu: an online financial platform

Best VR|AR Startup

7D Vision: a startup engaged in computer vision, graphic and video processing

Hiscene: a AR service provider

uSens is principally engaged in designing gesture recognition and hand-and-head tracking technologies and 3D ‘Human Computer Interaction’ system design.

Chingmu, a developer of infrared optical position tracking system

Whaley: a smart TV startup.

Best Expats Startup

Hatchery: a food and beverage incubator based in Beijing.

MoneyLocker is a startup that shows advertisements on phone unlock screens and rewards users for viewing them,

The Carevoice is a Shanghai-based review-based social platform dedicated to healthcare sector, bringing trusted ratings and recommendations on top quality medical providers. The platform evolved by launching a SaaS solution for insurers and employers to improve the healthcare choices and experiences of their insurance members and employees.

Italki started as a language learning community in 2007. The site evolved into an online teaching platform by creating a marketplace that brings students and teachers together for paid lessons.

tataUFO is a social networking platform for youth.

Most Popular Starutps

AirvisualDaxiangrenshiYaomaicheHongdou LiveTupu TechKnowboxVisionertech, APUS

Startup Service Institution of the Year

Microsoft Accelerator, DayDayUp, INNOSPACE+, URWork, Bigbang Coffee, P2, plug and play, Bay West, Genisis Ark, Q+makerspace

VC Institution of the Year

ZhenFund, Gobi Partners, Vertex Ventures

Best After-invest Service

Yunqi Partners, Cherubic Ventures, Cyanhill Capital

Best Startups from NodeSpace (TechNode’s incubator)

marketinEasy Travel (轻旅星球), Easylinking (生意帮), Yitu8 (易途吧), Meiheyoupin (美盒优品), Huanxing (幻行科技), Robsense (若联科技), Jianghun (匠魂网), Aide Information (艾锝信息)

Best Startups from Changzhou常州创业新锐

Wbne Group (江苏万帮德和新能源科技有限公司), Ston Robotics (金石机器人常州股份有限公司), Maymuse (江苏美淼环保科技有限公司), Volitation (天峋(常州)智能科技有限公司), Changzhou AMT (常州阿木奇声学科技有限公司), Cudatec (江苏赞奇科技股份有限公司), BeStar Sensor (常州波速传感器有限公司), Jingang Technology (江苏金刚文化科技集团股份有限公司), Very Cloud (常州云端网络科技股份有限公司), Changzhou Marine Cable (常州船用电缆有限责任公司), Final11 (兔几科技).

Annual Media Award

Yicai Global

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