The world’s most profitable game Honour of Kings (officially titled “Strike of Kings” and sometimes referred to as “King of Glory”)  is about to hit the US and European market, according to Bloomberg. The report quoted unnamed sources saying that Tencent plans to accelerate their global rollout of the blockbuster title to diversify its revenue base.

Tencent has confirmed the news to TechNode but chose not to disclose when will European and American gamers have the chance to enjoy China’s smash-hit.

“Seeing that many overseas users like and are looking forward to the mobile game Honour of Kings, Tencent has already released the foreign version of the game in Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan regions, as well as parts of Asia and Europe,” said a spokesperson for the company. “In the future, we will also look for opportunities to release it to other countries in Europe and the US. The specific plan and timing are not yet confirmed, we will announce further progress in the follow-up.”

Launched in 2015, the MOBA game Honour of Kings went viral in China, prompting WeChat and QQ users to spend money on game items and upgrades. During 2016, the game had over 50 million daily active users, while Chinese New Year in February 2017 brought this numbers to 80 million. In the last quarter 2016, the game generated a revenue of RMB 10.7 billion.

The game has attracted accusations from Chinese state media People’s Daily for reportedly causing addiction, but it has also drawn attention to its user base that debunks usual mobile game stereotypes. Unlike most video games which skew strongly towards male players, 54 percent of the players on Strike of Kings are female.

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