Liu Jie (31), Mongol, entrepreneur

I’m from Xanadu and moved to Hohhot to start my business. Now I’ m a CEO of a software company providing software and solutions for B2B clients since 2011, and started a kindergarten franchise business in 2014. I thought of starting a business on both online and offline, so that’s why I chose those two. I’m opening a franchise kindergarten in Beijing.

Hohhot is a great place to start your business because it’s autonomous region. A lot of entrepreneurs from Beijing moved to Hohhot for that reason. Those entrepreneurs are starting a business in all different sectors including IT system, smart city (智慧城市), electric power plant, mining industry, municipal administration software, broadcasting, medical, tourism, restaurant, cultivation of sheep and cow, planting corn, potato, naked oat, and Chinese herbal medicine.

I use iPhone7 and my favorite app is (58同城, China’s craigslist). You can do everything there. 

Qian Aishe (36) Han, migrant worker

I ‘m a migrant worker, mostly working at construction sites. Construction companies use WeChat to source good workers; I was recommended for my current job through my last boss I’m using an Oppo phone because it’s cheaper. I frequently use an app called Wanneng Yaoshi; it allows you to connect to someone else’s WiFi.

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Eva Yoo

Eva Yoo is Shanghai-based tech writer. Reach her at

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