Yao Yi, Han, university grad


I’m from Baotou, Inner Mongolia. I just graduated after three years studying marketing at Baotou Vocational & Technical college (包头职业技术学院). 

If I buy a product on Taobao, the quickest delivery arrives in three days, and latest is six days. It takes this long because all the products are produced in the southern part of China.

I like Vivo phone because the speed is fast, easy to use and it’s cheap. I’d say the quality-price ratio is very high. Also, there are so many Vivo physical shops in Hohhot.

I like watching shows on Shipindaquan (视频大全) and iQiyi. They have different dramas, so I just download many of these video apps. I mainly use QQ, WeChat, Taobao, Alipay, and photo filtering apps like TiantianPtu (天天P图),  Meiyanxiangji (美颜相机, photo app made by Meitu) and B612 (photo app made by LINE).

Wu Zecheng (24) Muchurian manager in chief


I worked for 3 years in this Xilingol Vocational College, and I am now the manager in chief on this theater “Mongolian Horse.”

I use iPhone 7, and I have been using iPhone since 2012 when I first encountered the brand on the internet. I think the iOS operating system works well and is very smooth. On the phone, I usually read NetEase News, Dedao (paid subscription content app) and Zhihu (China’s knowledge sharing platform). Now it’s become a habit of mine to regularly check the content on these apps because they bring value to me.

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Eva Yoo is Shanghai-based tech writer. Reach her at evayoo@technode.com

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