This has been a long time coming. Coming from a radio background, I have a deep passion for audio content and when I first joined TechNode I knew I wanted to do a podcast. The problem with podcasting, much like any quality content, is that you can’t just do it; you have to prepare first: choose a name, design a logo, decide the format, choose music, and acclimate writers to talking (surprise surprise, they’re much more comfortable with the written word!).

After months of discussion and preparation, we are finally ready to bring to you Node Worthy, a weekly podcast going deeper into our most interesting stories. The name “Node Worthy” not only invokes the intersection of ideas, technology, and culture of our TechNode brand but also highlights our commitment to quality (even though we’re still a small team of mostly writers), a commitment we take very seriously.

Admittedly, this first episode isn’t everything we wanted it to be, but there are times when you just have to live with the imperfect. As always, we want to hear your feedback; please do leave a comment below or get in touch to let us know what you think.

—John Artman, Editor-in-Chief

This week we talk about the iPhone X announcement, including how it will fare against competitors, the second-hand phone market, and how likely Chinese are going to buy a new phone.

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John Artman is the Editor in Chief for TechNode, the leading English information source for news and insight into China’s tech and startups, and co-host of the China Tech Talk podcast, a regular discussion...

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