Digital music streaming app Duomi (多米音乐) has “terminated its music streaming service indefinitely” our sister site TechNode Chinese is reporting.

The smart speaker company Sonos sent out an email to its users on February 28 announcing that it will no longer support the Duomi music app on its speaker. Sonos, which supports most major music streaming services such as Apple Music, QQ Music, and NetEase Music has already taken Duomi out from its site.

Screenshot of the list of music streaming services supported by Sonos

There were glaring signs of Duomi’s crisis.  According to a Beijing Business Today article, Duomi has been operating at a loss the last couple of years. A top executive said in an interview last year that the company can “no longer afford to acquire music licenses.” The company’s official Weibo account has been idle since February 9. The last update of the company was an official announcement made on February 14 stating that the company has applied to terminate Duomi’s listing on the OTC market. At the moment, Duomi’s webpage appears wonky and has trouble loading, but users can still listen to music on its app.

Screenshot of Duomi’s site

Unlike most of its peers, Duomi started in 2009 as a music streaming platform on mobile rather than PC. The company saw rapid success not long after it was founded and has earned the title of one of “China’s first digital music service platform to go public.” In 2013, it was one of China’s top 5 music apps and reported having 150 million users.

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